A Unique opportunity
to enhance your personal brand, and network with like minded individuals.


Benefits listed below are for Stanford Who's Who paid members which require a fee. For more information please fill out this form and one of our associates will assist you.

The Black Book

Upon Acceptance, Stanford Who’s Who will publish your professional biography in the world renowned Who’s Who Black Book. Your listing in this book is a tribute to your professional achievements, and is a privilege that you share with thousands of other members who are all leaders in their various and highly respected industries.

Inclusion in The Who’s Who Black Book is highly coveted, and only offered to those individuals who complete our competitive evaluation process. It serves as a reference and a guide, but is also a symbol of achievement and status.
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The Black Book Online

The Stanford Who's Who Website provides our members with state of the art networking capabilities. We provide a secure environment where our members have private access to other members, as well as their own Black Book biographies.

By keeping your professional biography and contact information current, you allow the opportunity for new career opportunities, business endeavors, and professional relationships.
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Cherry Wood Scroll Plaque

Solid wood and laser engraved, The Stanford Who’s Who wall plaque is a personal tribute to the success you have attained throughout your career. It serves as a way to further validate your achievements, and honors your acceptance into our prestigious organization.

“Hung on the wall behind my desk, my wall plaque draws attention to my accomplishments, and sparks conversation with my clients”
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Certificate of Recognition

Upon acceptance into the Stanford Who's Who, members are awarded a certificate of recognition. Each certificate is personalized and contains the Stanford Who's Who platinum seal of authenticity. Beautifully designed, and enhancement to office décor, The Certificate of Recognition serves as a third party endorsement of your business and personal achievement.
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Press Release

Written by the editor of Stanford Who's Who Profiles Magazine, The Stanford Who’s Who Press Release announces your acceptance and inclusion into The Who’s Who Black Book.

It also highlights your achievements, educational background, affiliations, and rewards that you have attained throughout your career. It is viewed as a benchmark of your accomplishments, and is ideal for submission to your local media and associations to which you belong.
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Video Release

Created by the Stanford Who's Who Editorial Team, The Stanford Who's Who Video Release is the perfect way to display information about yourself, your business or products and services that you may offer.

Recognized as the new standard for announcing important information about yourself or your business, these professionally produced videos will help brand you and your company while illustrating your accomplishments. They also feature information about your academic and professional background, affiliations and awards.
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Glass Desk Tribute

Recently added to our benefit portfolio is the beveled glass desk tribute. Displaying your press release, engraved in gold, this piece can be displayed on your desk for clients, and colleagues to see.
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Proclamation Plaque

Offered solely to Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs of the year the Stanford Who's Who Proclamation is a benefit reserved only for our Diamond Club members.

Made from cherry wood or beveled glass, the proclamation highlights you as a member of our exclusive program, and emphasizes the reasons why we selected you to receive this special honor.
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Multimedia Promotion

The Multi Media Promotion Package puts you in the position where someone can enter your name into one of the major search engines, and information on you and your company will pop up on the first few results and pages. This third party endorsement not only validates your credentials and achievements but will also drive traffic to your website and maximize your exposure on the web.
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