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Charles Cofield

Title : Architect & Book Author

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Architectural Planning Firm

Industry : Architecture & Design

Expertise : Specialty Architectural Designs and Planning for Affordable and Accessible Building for the Disabled of All Types

Years Of Experience In Industry : 30 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Charles Arnold Cofield with Foraker Smith
The Autobiography of Charles Arnold Cofield: 
An Abundance of Miracles
How God’s grace enables us to succeed in the face of great odds.

Are you part of a group interested in the book:  
a church, school, community or disable or assisted living 
or retirement organization.

To inquire about quantity discounts available for orders of 40 or more 
copies & speaking engagements by Charles & his associates.


"Charles, you are a living miracle and the epitome of faith alive! Look at what you have done with faith. You have used every gift from God to make something special as well as beautiful. You are such an inspiration on how to turn lemons into lemonade. It is such a gift.You have taught us all to use the gifts we have been given for the highest good. Keep growing and glowing."
Rev. Daisy Quinney, Voices of Triumph
Panola, Alabama

"Anyone newly confronted with the difficult reality of living with severe disability would be well advised to read this book."  
Vanfare Disable Vehicle Sales

"Cofield's heartfelt memoir is intimate and vivid........conveys extreme physical anguish and steely determination.....glad I got a chance to read it."
Greta H Cofield

"Arnold, you are my hero. Keep up the wonderful work that you have done and continue to do. You are truley an inspiration to those that are physically challenged, and to those that are not."
Ability First,(formerly  Cripple Children's Society of Southern California)

"Charles (Arnie) Cofield is a product of his family environment in that he is blessed with longevity and intelligence .  For most people who simply do not understand he is a mystery because he has lived so long post injury when most people take the easy way out and give up.  And to add to this mystery (despite his disability) his professional success exemplifies the courage of a quiet hero.  The answer to Arnie's mystery is simple -- he is one of the most exceptionally hardheaded individuals I've ever met and have been blessed to call a friend."
Joe (Mass General Roommate) Independent Living Center Director Amherst Mass.

"You are truly blessed in being a blessing to others, especially me. I am proud of your accomplishments with the book. eYou are breaking down walls.
Catherine  Morris
Temple University

"My buddy Arnold, An Abundance of Miracles is a must read. Teachers and students alike especially those being transitioned as disable students to mainstream. I grew up with Charles and it is a true testament to the will of the human spirit, the forces that shape human ".
Dennis Walcott, New Schools Chancellor: New York City.

"Its really great news that you have achieved so much.  But then I always thought you would ... Anyone who can jump on a plane all alone and fly over to europe in the 70s must have some guts.... And then we managed to cram into my mini and drive all the way to Holland and visit Het Dorp ...It was all great fun...Your road has been long and hard but you have achieved much my friend and I am very proud to be part of your journey."
Susan Abbott, London, England



Affiliations Awards :

* American Institute of Architects
* American Planning Association
* Construction Specification Institute
* Los Angeles Architectural Barriers Committee
* Los Angeles Mayor’s Council on the Handicapped  under Tom Bradley
* National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
* ABILITY FIRST-President Housing Governance Board and member Governance Board.--Crippled Children’s Society of Southern California.
* Family Service of Long Beach
* CALIF BOARD independent living program in Central LA.
* NAACP Long Beach, Carson, Los Angeles.
* California Housing Commissioner
* 2005 Grand Jury Award Senior Projects—Builder Magazine
* 2005 Multi-Family Executive Magazine Award – Senior Projects
* 1999 Service Recognition Award Housing Authority City L.A    .
* 1994 NAHRO National Award of Excellence in Community Design
* 1994 Mayo


Future Career And Business Goals :

Consultation, working with non profit organizations for the disabled; Forensic assessments for attorneys, teaching, mentoring retirement.

In 2011, I was contracted by L.M. Napper Development to join ventures with Jones Martinez Architects to design and build in two phases 368 upscale units called CORA BELLA AT LAKE JEANETTE in Greensboro N.C for families, seniors and the disabled. The proposed site offers the charm of a quaint rustic village mixed with the excitement of a close dynamic urban center. The beautifully designed community will comprise one/two/three bedroom units including lofts, patio homes, town homes, and assisted living units creating a life of luxury 'at your service'.

Phase 2 will be for homeowner ship and person's 62 and up needing;
•independent living,
•supportive care (assisted) and
•memory care (Alzheimer)

Future developments are proposed with L. M. Napper Development (Irvine) and Jones Martinez Architects in Southern California over the next few years. Our team has had a collaborative relationship since 1980.


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