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Professional of the Year

Wendell Zehel

Title : CEO

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Healthcare

Industry : Healthcare

Expertise : Medicine, Institute For Surgery, Medical Robotics For Doctors Surgery

Years Of Experience In Industry : 40 Years In Biotechnology, 5 Years In Co

Products And/Or Services : Biotechnology & Medical Robotics, Research


Affiliations Awards : Will Furnish From C.V.


Professional of the Year

Norbert Zimmermann

Title : Director

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Construction Management Consultancy

Industry : Construction

Expertise : Project Manager, Focusing the Different People to Get the Job Done, Get Teams Together

Years Of Experience In Industry : 24 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Construction Management Consultants, Clients Willing to Do Construction, Perform and Do Studies


Affiliations Awards :

Germany-VDE, Swiss Engineering Council


Professional of the Year

Carol Zuber

Title : Owner & Operator

Type Of Business : Custom Quilts, Baked Goods & Wellness Products

Expertise : Financial Planning, Quilting, Baking, Health and Wellness

Years Of Experience In Industry : 36 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Custom Quilts, Handmade, Custom Baked Goods, Wellness and Health (Max International)


Professional of the Year

John Zappala

Title : General Manager

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Tire Sales & Services

Industry : Automotive

Expertise : Twenty Three Years Experience In Commercial Retail & Whole Sale

Years Of Experience In Industry : 10 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Tire Service


Professional of the Year

Judy Zellner

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : Local

Type Of Business : Embroidery & Beading

Industry : Fashion

Expertise : Towels

Years Of Experience In Industry : 10 years

Products And/Or Services :

Embroidery and beading


Professional of the Year

Dennis Zietsman

Title : CEO

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Customer Service

Industry : Customer Service

Expertise : Facility Services, Landscaping for Businesses, Major Area of Expertise is Accounting Day to Day, Managing, Operational Manages, Administrative Duties

Years Of Experience In Industry : 14 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Facility Services


Affiliations Awards :

SA Institute of Chartered Accountants


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