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I took advantage of Stanford Who's Who personal branding site to bring attention to my career and provide more information than is available on my social media sites, I have discovered an added bonus, the marketing team works hard to ensure that my site ranks highly in search engine results and manages and directs online traffic to my site.

When my other web and social media sites were linked to my Stanford site I was able to leverage the ranking and the traffic of my Stanford site.
I really would like to thank you for all your effort and what you had to go through in order to satisfy a customer. You turned a very difficult and tricky situation into a great experience. THANK YOU VERY MUCH = I really appreciate it.

Iím myself leading a customer service department (2 sales centers in Canada) managing 3 countries (Canada, USA and Australia) and I would be the happiest VP in the world if all my agents would go the extra mile, like you did, to deliver an Exceptional experience to all my customers.

Please make sure to forward my email to your manager and the CEO of your company as I want to make sure that your dedication is well recognised.

Thanks again for all your help.
Thank you very much for your prompt and clear feedback.

It is very much appreciated and very important for us overseas individuals. I am now more at ease with Stanford Who's Who's services.

I shall start browsing soon, hope to be able to get good connections at Stanford Who's Who's platform and I would likely recommend it to my piers and friends.
I would just like to thank Stanford Who's Who for this wonderful honour and beautiful plaque which I received for being named an Executive of the Year.

The day I was phoned by one of the Stanford Who's Who staff and told of this honour, happened to be an extremely bad day and that poor staff member probably thought I was unappreciative of this award and honour, but to be honest with you I had so much happening that I actually didn't come to terms with what I was being told. I didn't even acknowledge the event with anyone, not my family or staff.

Then I received the beautiful plaque and read the press release that was written and I was extremely over whelmed with pride and appreciation for your great tribute as were all my family, friends, staff and business associates.

Again, I want to kindly thank Stanford Who's Who for this priviledged honour and express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your acknowlegment of me as an Executive of the Year.
From 9-5, I am a professional woman, but after hours I am a mom of four, trying my best to make it in this rough economy. I have used my membership with Stanford Whoís Who to make vital business connections, but I have also used their discount network to save money on everything from travel and eating out, to names like Best Buy and Target. I recently saved $200 on workout equipment I bought for my husbandís birthday. Saving that kind of money, makes a huge difference for my family.
  • Christine Figliola, R.N.
  • Smithtown, N.Y.

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