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Sharon Kwok's listing

Capsule Toys

HK$30 each

Marine animal figurines with educational info sheets


Sharon Kwok believes that education is essential if we are to save our planet, and as an artist who loves the ocean and its creatures, Sharon combined her talents and produced the ‘Fragrant Harbour- Once and Future Marine Paradise’, the first collection of oceanic conservation educational tools

Each toy comes in a capsule from coin operated vending machines and is packaged with a slip of information about that particular marine animal. The toy also comes with an illuminating base, making it decorative and even more interesting for children. Moreover, these vending machine capsules are the first of its kind as they are made from paper and are thus recyclable and biodegradable. Sharon hopes that other businesses will take the initiative and do the same in the near future. Her numerous years of underwater experience and close encounters with marine animals has allowed her to bring these creatures to life; all figurines are designed and sculpted by Sharon herself. Much research was carried out to create these miniature creatures as life-like as possible, and to ensure accuracy, marine biologists have been consulted throughout creation.

The complete 'Fragrant Harbour' set consists of 12 finely detailed marine animal figurines and a supporting bilingual book that informatively introduces each of these creatures. These sets are intended for children but its immaculate design and educational value will undoubtedly attract public interest of all kinds. Sharon hopes that these colourful and interesting toys will foster learning, creativity and an interest in our marine environment and its biodiversity.  



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