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Themistoklis Koutras's listing

martial art instructor course


manuel on my art of the martial arts for instructor course

You can now bye my manuel for my art in the martial arts you be suprized to find yourself learnning how to defend yourself your family and your freinds i have proven this meathod in expereiments resurch and actuel fights learnt in over 42 years in the making of this book will teach you all about mixed martial arts  you can only bye the book directly from me it cost $400 for the full book and then if you like to progress it then cost a extru $250 to sit for you exsams that is if you like to pertner with me in as a full qualified martial arts instructor you will also receive a personal health and fitness instructor certificate i work in corespondence that you will need to send me videos on your trainning you can take private lessons also at $100h if you like or and attend at my school if you prefer at $500 full membership and $100m + insurence you need to contact me for a spot seat this is a special fee

for weapon classes which you got to get your hand to hand combat from me first as mentioned above i then if you like will give you a corse to many types of martial art weapons this seperate course is a exstra $400 for a aditional weapons manuel and if you like your instructor certificate a extra$250 to sit in the exsams note in these exsams paying for gradings does not garentee a certificate unless you pass you need to send me videos for this corse as well

contact me artofthecross7777@gmail.com

phone 0387904668

mob 0488227675

write to me on Themistoklis Koutras

1442 Wellington road

Narre Warren East

Melbourne Victoria

Australia 3804



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